Advanced Methods for Practitioners

First we learn to crawl. then to walk, and run.

Crawl - Walk - Run - Soar

Now it’s your time to SOAR!

The Advanced Methods for Practitioners program has been created for you – to advance your skills in areas that match your interests. And your goals!

In keeping with our philosophy of ease, and simplicity, we have created the program in two parts:

The first is the core programs that are required of every practitioner. This includes:

The second part includes options for specialization. A minimum of two of these courses are required for certification. Specialization courses are priced individually based on duration, added experiences (such as the zeal point sessions included with Advanced Sound Wellness Methodologies, and instructor fees – several of these courses are taught by other practitioners. Fees are listed with each course, and as we are still in development of some of these courses, are subject to change.

Note that, at least for now, practitioners may be able to apply for the Canada Job Grant, which typically subsidizes up to 2/3 of the cost of the program. – several of our practitioners have already benefited from this program. All of the Level III programs are compliant, and we can even help you with the application.

No doubt, you will have questions. Just ask. We are here to support you!