Advanced Methods for Practitioners

Level III Certification

To complete Level III certification, you must complete the three required courses, and any two courses of specialization.

In addition, applicants must have completed Emergency First Aid with CPR A and AED. First Aid courses may be taken through the Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, or other accredited trainers.

Once Level III certification is achieved, additional courses of specialization may be taken.


1. Anatomy and Physiology (2 days)

(this course was developed with Joanne Neweduk RN)

It is important for holistic practitioners to have a basic knowledge of the human body and its systems and functions. This knowledge is helpful in finding out what may be at the root of an issue or complaint and in the application of the tools that are used on the body.

Anatomy and Physiology is a 2-day course covering the basics of human anatomy. The major systems of the body will be covered in addition to cells, tissues and basic functions.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music

2. Energy Anatomy 1 (2 days)

Energy Anatomy is a 2-day program covering the meridian system and the human energy field or biofield. This program will explore some of the science exploring the energetic systems of the human being.

We will also cover practical work and applications to bring harmony to the meridian systems and biofield.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music

3. Safety and Ethics (1 day)

This program covers basic client safety, ethics and insurance. Sound is a powerful healer, but like all things, our responses are unique to us. Sound can also cause serious negative responses that must be managed. Sound can trigger a spontaneous kundalini activation. Even though this is rare, it can cause mental health issues in a client. 

Safety and Ethics will look at:

  • Spontaneous Kundalini activation – what it is, how to recognize it, and how to support a client if this happens.
  • Client safety, including cleanliness, safe and secure space, and insurance. (on-line).
  • Setting boundaries – managing clients who are friends/family.
  • Sound Wellness Code of Ethics. (on-line).

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music

COURSES of Specialization

In addition to the required courses, a minimum of two (2) Courses of Specialization are required to meet the requirements for Level 3, Sound Wellness Practitioner.

1. Energy Anatomy 2 (1 day)                                    $697

Energy Anatomy 2 is a 1-day program focusing on the 8 extraordinary vessels. We will also cover practical work and practice applications with tuning forks on the 8 extraordinary vessels.

Prerequisite: Energy Anatomy 1

2. Advanced SW Methodologies (2 days)            $1497

This 2-day course offers two advanced methodologies that can expand your business globally.

The Zeal Point Chakra:

Day 1 is the theory and practice on clearing, activating and connecting the Zeal Point chakra located at the base of the skull. As humanity evolves, this chakra is beginning to open and is creating symptoms in some people.

The Zeal Point chakra activation is a specialized series of three (optional four) sessions for clients.

Prior to the classroom training, participants will experience the Zeal Point activation as a client.

Balancing The Assemblage Point:

Some sources call this point the Divine Centre. The Assemblage Point is the epicenter of the human biofield and the point around which the field is organized. Many of life’s trauma and challenges can knock the Assemblage point off its centre. When this happens our health and wellbeing is affected. Techniques for re-centering the Assemblage Point have been handed down secretly from shaman to shaman for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. Sound is a powerful tool for centering and balancing the Assemblage Point to powerfully stimulate health and healing.

These two methodologies are as effective in on-line client sessions as they are in person.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

3. Tuning Forks 1 (2 days)                                       $1297

This 2-day course continues your training with intervals from the Planetary Chakra Set and the Harmony set that were not covered in the Sound Wellness Practical Methods for Practitioners program.

Harmony Tuning Fork

Additional intervals covered from the Harmony Tuning Fork set include the following intervals:

  • The major and minor second.
  • The minor third.
  • The minor sixth.
  • The minor seventh.
  • The tritone (augmented fourth).

Planetary Chakra set

Additional planets and intervals covered from the Planetary Chakra set include the following planets:

  • Mercury – throat chakra fork.
  • Venus – 3rd eye chakra fork.
  • Jupiter; Uranus; Pluto; Saturn; Neptune.

Prerequisite: Practical Methods for Practitioners

4. Tuning Forks 2 (2 days)                                       $1297

This 2-day course covers content and practice with other tuning fork sets.

D & A# Forks:

The D & A# set said to represent the next level of consciousness for the human being.

Fibonacci Set:

The Fibonacci set has powerful application to support health, healing and spiritual connection.

Triple number set:

The Triple number set which connects the energy of numerology and sound. This set contains the frequencies 111 Hz, 222 Hz, 333 Hz etc up to 999 Hz.

Prerequisite: Tuning Forks 1

5. Tibetan Singing Bowls 1 (1 day)                         $697

This course covers advanced practices with the Tibetan singing bowls, including creating session protocols for working with others.

Study will include:

  • Using the 7 bowl chakra set.
  • Practice on the body.
  • Pain management.
  • Stress managment.
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Creating session plans (sample plans will be available).

Prerequisite: Practical Methods for Practitioners

6. Crystal Singing Bowls 1 (1 day)                         $697

This course includes background, characteristics, and practice with Alchemical singing bowls.

Study will include:

  • Properties and uses of alchemical bowls.
  • Energetics of the bowls and how to choose an appropriate bowl for a specific result.
  • Crystal bowls and the biofield
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Practice with the bowls.

Prerequisite: Practical Methods for Practitioners

7. Deepening the Healing Voice (2 days)              $1297

Healing with the Voice is a 2-day course that offers in depth practice with using the voice.

This course will include:

  • Using the voice with crystals to amplify intentions and healing response.
  • Using the voice with sound tools.
  • Practice with each other.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

8. Sound Wellness for Animals (2 days)               $1397

(this course was co-developed with Carmen Hansen)

This 2-day course offers theory and practice of Sound Wellness tools and techniques whne working with animals.

This course will cover theory the first day and practical work with animals on the second day.

Study will include:

  • Locations of the chakras in dogs, cats, horses, and others.
  • The high level of sensitivity of animals.
  • What to look for when you assess an animal.
  • How to communicate with an animal and asking permission.
  • How to communicate with the animal’s family and gather information about their concerns.
  • Guiding the family on what to look for/expectations following the session.
  • Differences between animals and humans in how they view their issues.
  • Healing with the healer as a surrogate.

Practice will cover the use of tuning forks, song pods, singing bowls, the voice, and other tools.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

8. Other sound tools (2 days)                                $1297

This course covers theory and practice with other sound tools such as drums, gongs, didgeridoo, rattles, bells, tingshas, etc.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

9. Mystical Sound (2 days)                                     $1297

In the Sound Wellness Fundamentals program we discover that sound moves matter. In this course we dig deeper into the mystical properties of sound as a creational force. We will explore how sound and sacred geometry are connected. We will explore the role of sound within the Divine Matrix and holographic perception.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

10. Working with Sound and Light (2 days)        $1297

Sound and Light are intimately connected. When they are used together, they can create more effective results than when they are used separately. We will explore the theory and practice in working with sound and light frequencies together.

Prerequisite: completed Level II

Program Fees*


Required courses:       $3497 00


Optional courses (a minimum of 2, totaling at least 3 days, is required for Level III certification):

One day programs:      $697 00 – $797 00

Two day programs:      $1297 00 – $1597 00


Payment plans are available.

Some programs qualify for funding under the Canada Job Grant Program. (depending on jurisdiction and course length)

* Note that prices are valid at the time of printing, and are subject to change. Please enquire about current pricing.