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Fundamentals of Working with Sound and Music

Curriculum Outline:

I. Introduction to Sound

Discover the science of sound: how sound moves; loudness; frequency; rhythm; resonance; consonance; dissonance. You’ll also learn to ‘listen from the inside out.’ This means determining the effect of the sound or music on the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Once you understand how to ‘listen’ to sound, you can easily determine how that sound is impacting you and your client, positive or negative.

There are no universals when working with sound. Because what works well for one person may have the opposite effect on someone else, you will be given the tools to evaluate your clients responses to music and sound. One of the most valuable aspects of this program is the Sound Wellness Blueprint, a chart of what types of sound an music work for you to accomplish a specific effect. The blueprint is completed after each exercise, ensuring that each participant has an accurate record of their individual responses.

II. Applied Psychoacoustic Music

Psychoacoustic music is simply music that has been designed to evoke a specific response or feeling. It can be used to enhance concentration and focus, to relieve stress, to slow the chatter in the ‘busy’ mind, to improve sleep, and more.

Experience the 4 main elements of Psychoacoustic Music and how they affect the listener, giving you the skills and knowledge to select background music for sessions tailored to each client.

III. Music with Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies

Although music with brainwave entrainment frequencies is included in the applied psychoacoustic music category, most people feel the effects of this category differently. Experiencing these styles separately allows participants more clarity in evaluating the effects of the music. This segment also includes some background on the science and research of brainwave entrainment frequencies.

IV. Singing Tibetan and Crystal Bowls

Singing bowls provide many of the same benefits and effects as recorded music. They just do it differently. Here, you will experience and compare the effects of Tibetan and crystal bowls. The tactile sensations of playing the bowls combined with the vibration and sound of the bowl make them major stress-busters. The vibration and sound of the singing bowls resets the body to its natural patterns and stimulates your natural healing response – not unlike the restart button on your computer. It is simply not possible to hold on to stress and tension while playing the bowls.

V. The Chakras

This segment is a quick review of the chakras with a focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness, in preparation for the following segment on Tuning the Body with the Voice. Some of the most recent science measuring the chakras is presented along with background material on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the 7-chakra system.

VI. Tuning the Body with the Voice

In this segment, you’ll practice several exercises using your own voice with specific focuses on the 7-chakra system. The voice is one of the most powerful healing tools known, and it is not only free, but it is always available. You’ll learn to use your voice to restore energy where your body most needs it. Use it for grounding, and to diffuse tension and stress, or to give a quick vocal “tune-up”. And you’ll learn how to use your voice combined with your client’s voice to support healing at all levels.

VII. Sound and Emotion

Discover the physical component of emotional response, and of perceptual filters. Emotions have sound signatures. You will experience how emotional blocks can be dissolved using the voice. Participants of the program have been able to dissolve years of back pain, and dissolve pain following surgery. A nurse who participated in this exercise was able to release years of unresolved grief she held onto as an emergency room nurse, who watched helplessly as patients under her care passed on.

Many of our participants have found that this is one of the most important segments in this program – the ability to use sound to transmute the emotional source of illness

VIII. Tuning Forks

In this segment, participants will explore 4 exercises in pairs or small groups using the Perfect 5th forks and the 128 Hz fork. These forks have been shown in scientific study to consistently stimulate the nitric oxide cycle in the body in as little as 30 seconds. The nitric oxide cycle is essential to good health but is often suppressed by stress, fatigue, and other causes. When stimulated, it boosts the immune system, improves cardiovascular function, improves digestion, sharpens the mind, and more.

IX. Music with Subliminal Affirmations

You’ll experience, evaluate and compare the effects of this genre of recorded music compared to previous ones covered. Sometimes it is the subconscious mind that limits our abilities. For many, music with Subliminal Affirmations bypasses the conscious mind and works directly with the subconscious to overcome those challenges, resulting in powerful physical healing and stimulation of your natural health response.

X. Guided Meditation with Sound and Music

Guided Meditation has been found to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve short term immune cell activity, reduce pain, reduce anxiety, and more. Here, you will experience, evaluate and compare the effects of this genre compared to previous ones covered.