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Fundamentals of Working with Sound and Music

Scope of practice:

The Sound Wellness Fundamentals of Working with Sound and Music, and Harmony for Life are primarily designed first, to provide a strong foundation for future programs, and second, for self care. However, there are several methods, several practices that we feel comfortable certifying you to do with clients. There are others, where we are more limited in providing the necessary experience for you to practice with others. They will be covered in more detail in the Sound Wellness Practical Methods for Practitioners, and your Level 2 certification is much broader.

Participants who successfully complete the requirements for certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner – Level 1, will be permitted to :

  • Tone the sacred vowel sounds for the chakras with a client
  • Perform a quick chakra tuneup with all the vowel sounds with a client
  • Combine the vowel sounds to bring the qualities of one chakra to support another
  • Tune a part of the body with the voice
  • Use the voice for emotional healing as a facilitator
  • Use the perfect 5th forks when listening.
  • Use the perfect 5th forks to support a specific area of the body
  • Use the perfect 5th forks in the field
  • Use the Otto 128 Hz fork with yourself or a client
  • Use the Otto 64 Hz fork with yourself or a client
  • Ground on the kidney 1 meridian point with the 128 Hz Otto tuning fork
  • Ground yourself or a client using the methods in the grounding chapter of this book
  • Administer 10 question stress quiz / send to website for 25 question