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Harmony for Life!

The Sound Wellness Fundamentals of Working with Sound and Music! offered you tools to handle the difficult moments that crop up during the day. This 4 day (32 continuing education contact hours) creates a state of harmony where the moments no longer matter.

A Sound Wellness practitioner’s role is to assist in the creation of harmony within the being of the client. This then stimulates the natural healing ability of the client.

Harmony for Life! offers a deeper understanding of your harmony, and your ability to work with harmony. For example, a dissonant sound can often create chaos or movement of stagnant energy, an energy block or emotion. This allows the energy to clear and for harmony to be re-established.

Harmony for Life! is based on the Sound Wellness Harmony Wheel™.

Curriculum Outline:

I. Sound Community:

(Friends and Family) Sound and music has been an integral part of creating community since human beings have been on this planet. Experience for yourself how easily and fun it is to use sound and music to create community.

II. Sound Body/Sound Mind:

(Health) Shake up some old body/mind patterns and plant a new paradigm of maintaining harmony in the body and mind and emotions.

III. Sound Movement:

(Fun and Recreation). Enjoy the freedom of moving from the heart of the body.

IV. Sound Feng Shui:

(Home and Physical environment) Tools to keep your home and environment clear of negative energy and create optimum energy flow for harmony at home.

V. Sound @ Work:

(Career and Productivity). Experience the sounds of different work environments. Examine ways of creating a work environment conducive to productivity and harmony. Not everyone works in a formal office environment. It doesn’t matter. Everybody has tasks that they need to accomplish whether for home, work, family… The tools that you take home help you regardless of your environment.

VI. Sound Support:

(Money and Abundance) You will learn how to use the power of mantra to create the frequencies of abundance in your life. And we are not just talking about financial. Abundance extends to relationship – joi de vie – through every area of your life.

VII. Sound Heart:

(Romance, Your relationship with yourself and with a Significant other) Journey into your own heart with sound. Connect with the essence that drew the other to you. The only resonance you can really affect is your own resonance. Things going on in your life can knock your resonance right out of whack so people just don’t want to be around you. We will leave you with tools to re-tuning your own resonance.

VIII. Sound Spirit:

(Personal and Spiritual growth) Once we have achieved Sound Heart, we take it a step beyond. Find your soul’s frequency. This is the part of your resonance that never changes from lifetime to lifetime. This is the core of who you are as a spiritual being. Your soul’s frequency (sound) will be recorded and you will be given a CD of your sound.