Practical Methods for Practitioners

Share what you have learned with those closest to you, and those who need it most – a client, a family member or someone that you care for. This program is highly experiential, where you work with each other. Practice using your voice for lasting healing. Discover how technology can be used to analyze your voice, revealing secrets long forgotten. Practice with the Tibetan Bowls, and the Crystal Bowl, the gongs, and more. And expand your skills with the tuning forks.

As a practitioner, integrating sound and music with your primary modality gives a powerful healing session. Use these powerful tools with confidence.

This 5 day (40 continuing education contact hours) is our Level II certification program. We’ll work with you as we evaluate your case studies, provide “practitioner only” mentoring calls, and we work on the business of business – ensuring that you have the tools and resources to not only integrate sound and music effectively, but also to receive the revenue appropriate for the value you now offer.

In addition to the 5 day program, you’ll also attend our 2 day “the Business of Business” program. Discover who your ideal client is, how to integrate Sound Wellness with your modality, build your business plan, and learn about promotion. Our guest speakers include experts in web design to help create an effective web presence, and in social media.

Curriculum Outline:

Vocal Techniques

  1. Using the voice with a client

    This segment is an introduction to how to use the voice with a client. Participants will learn and practice how to use the voice to scan a client, use the voice to promote healing, and document the response. Participants will use the natural voice for part of this segment and also vocal harmonics.


  3. Using the voice to remove emotional blocks

    We will first review how to use the voice to remove emotional blocks and then we’ll practice this technique in small groups. We tend to hold onto these emotional blocks, almost like an old friend, but releasing them is pure ecstasy. And helping a someone under your care to release them is a powerful gift.


  5. Nano Voice

    Participants will receive an introduction to Sharry Edward’s software for Nano Voice. Using this technology, the frequencies in the voice and be measured and evaluated, practicing with other class members in small groups.

    This is an incredible tool for evaluating the inner self. Those who have worked with us in the past were blown away by the accuracy of this software. And it’s potential to direct healing.

    Note that we do not include the use of Nano Voice in the areas of practice. This program is taught by Sharry Edwards and her company, “Sound Health Options”.

Sound Tools

  1. Healing with Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Bowls:

    Participants will learn techniques of using Tibetan singing bowls in a sound healing session, practice with class members and document the response.


  3. Healing with a Tibetan Bowl Chakra Set

    Participants will experience and learn how to perform a healing bowl session using ancient Tibetan techniques with a specifically tuned chakra set.


  5. Healing with the Perfect 5th and Otto Forks. And others.

    There are many different types and sets of tuning forks. Having taken the Sound Wellness Solution, you are already familiar with the Perfect fifth set and the Otto forks.

    In this segment you will also practice using 7, 8, and 9 fork Harmony sets with yourself and a partner to discover the healing effects.


  7. Healing with Other Sound Tools

    Participants will experience and practice healing techniques with SongPods, Gongs, Tingshas, Rattles and Drums.