Practical Methods for Practitioners

Scope of practice:

In addition to the areas of practice granted with Sound Wellness Practitioner – Level 1 certification, participants who successfully complete the requirements for certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner – Level 2, will be permitted to :

  • Use the voice with a client to support emotional healing, to remove emotional blocks, to scan a client and promote healing.
  • Use the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls to support healing. Practitioners will be able to conduct healing sessions with the bowls, lead sound baths, and to guide their clients in selecting a bowl appropriate for their use.
  • Incorporate other sound tools (gong, bell and dorje, tingshas, drum) to assist the healing process with a client.
  • Use the following tuning forks for your own self care or with a client
    • the perfect 5th tuning forks
    • the Otto tuning forks – (128 Hz, 64 Hz, 32 Hz)
    • The Harmony series of tuning forks
    • The Planetary chakra set of tuning forks
  • Select recorded sound and music appropriate to supporting a client.
  • Ground yourself or a client using the methods in the grounding chapter of this book.