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Sound Wellness is a holistic modality that uses techniques based on sound and music to bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit back into harmony. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place.

Sound Wellness Practitioner Training was created to support holistic health practitioners. Sound Wellness is for practitioners who are looking for powerful tools to support their clients’ wellbeing to the fullest – tools that complement their own talents, skills and gifts.

Sound Wellness - Certified!In Canada, and throughout much of the world, the fields of Sound Healing, Sound Therapy and the use of Specialized Music designed for healing have had no standardized training that offers certification at a level of verifiable competence. Until now!

Sound Wellness Practitioner Training is a certification program of verified competency of the practitioner.



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left quotation markI felt very blessed for the many practices and programs I’ve discovered over the years, which continue to help manage/master my thinking, uproot worry and increase wellbeing. I must say though, the Sound Wellness program I took with Sharon and Ed, now 7 years ago or so, was and remains to this day, the most effortless way I found to massively increase wellbeing and reduce both inner and outer stress, with all the health benefits that go with that. Ever grateful!

Janice Kobelsky FCPA, FCMA, millennial-minds.ca