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The Sound Wellness Institute

Expand Your Holistic Practice with the Highest Standard of Certification in Sound Healing / Sound Therapy to Build Competence, Confidence and Credibility


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Sound Wellness programs offer you competence in:

  • Using sound tools: singing bowls, tuning forks
  • Using the voice to support healing
  • Knowing how to recommend music to support clients
  • Professional tools


  • Nationally credentialed training
  • 3 levels of training to deepen your expertise
  • Comprehensive support materials
  • Ongoing support to build skills
  • Monthly mentoring and workshops


  • Active online community
  • Be featured in interviews on Sound Wellness social media
  • Promotion on our website

Why Integrate Sound Healing into Your Holistic Practice?

  • People are facing more challenges than any other time in our past. Sound Wellness offers an array of tools that you can use along side of your gifts, so you can better support those seeking your help.
  • Sound Wellness powerfully complements many modalities seamlessly (energy medicine / massage therapy / reflexology / yoga / and more).
  • You’ll create greater value in your sessions. Clients receive superior results, eager to book their next session.
  • Build your community and client base with sound baths, mantra or chant circles, or healing circles. Interest in sound healing, especially sound baths, is expanding worldwide. People are now actively looking for sound healing/sound therapy practitioners.

How Sound Healing Easily Integrates into a Holistic Practice

Our masterclass, “How Sound Healing Easily Integrates into a Holistic Practice” will help you determine if this training is in alignment with your goals and purpose.

You’ll hear examples of how practitioners in a wide variety of modalities are integrating Sound Wellness® into their practice.

How Sound Integrates


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The Sound Wellness Institute Advantage

  • Gain confidence in using sound healing with the first verifiable competency certification in Sound Healing in Canada.
  • Establish connections with other heart-centered practitioners.
  • Get questions answered and share successes and challenges in our on-going community and support calls.
  • NHPCAQualify for insurance for your practice by applying for membership in the largest professional association of holistic practitioners, the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association.

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Sound is Food for Your Soul and Your Cells

We are immersed in a sea of busyness, distraction and chronic illness. Stress and worries stretch our human nervous systems beyond what they are meant to handle. And folks end up disconnected from their brilliant inner spark that carries meaning and purpose.

Sound is literally food for your nervous system. We know that there is junk food, good food and super food. It’s the same with sound. Our ancestors knew this. And modern science is beginning to confirm the effects of sound on the nervous system – and every other part of you.

Sound healing has accompanied our human family since time immemorial to support healing and harmony and to help people reconnect with their beautiful inner sacred selves.

Public awareness in sound healing is steadily growing all over the world as people experience how effectively a sound bath or sound healing session restores balance and calms surging symptoms of stress. As this growth continues, more holistic practitioners feel an inner calling to bring sound healing into their offerings. Are you feeling this call in your heart?

To build competence, confidence and credibility in using sound healing in your practice, it is essential to have a strong grounding in how sound works to support healing. You will receive many questions from new clients. 

Individually, practitioners make a huge difference in their clients’ lives. Together, as a community of holistic practitioners, we amplify the impact of supporting people to create wellbeing and harmony in their lives. And make a bigger difference.

Join our Community:

The Harmony Within Sanctuary

The Harmony Within Sanctuary is based on the premise that you are here with a gift that no one else can give to the world. This is a place where you can nurture that gift, and you, with spiritual practice. It is a sacred place to strengthen, heal, find support, find inspiration, or support and inspire others.

Join the Harmony Within Sanctuary community and your first month is free! We offer a 30-day trial period for you to explore the community, join events and connect with members.   If you find that this community is not for you, you can cancel your membership anytime during the first 30 days. 

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