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We believe that everything happens in its own time

But there are some universal truths.

As we go through life, first we need to learn how to crawl. Then we learn how to walk, how to run, and some of us learn to soar.


These are important steps. To gain maximum proficiency, you must first master your current skills before progressing. 

Our programs are built around that simple philosophy. Begin at the beginning, and progress when you're ready. 

Know that we are here to support you. We want you to be successful - there are many, many people who need your support. We are here to help you help others.


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Dip Your Toe In the Water . . .

Here's two quick ways to determine if Sound Wellness¬ģ may be for you.

  1. Start with our complimentary masterclass: ‚ÄúHow¬†Sound Healing Easily Integrates into a Holistic Practice‚ÄĚ. ¬†This will help you determine if Sound Wellness¬ģ is in alignment with your goals and purpose.

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  2. Register for our introductory online video course Sound Wellness¬ģ Foundation.

    Experience for yourself how¬†the right sound nourishes your cells and your soul in this 3¬Ĺ hour online video program.

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(SW-1xx courses)

SW-110 Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music

Most practitioners begin their learning with us here.

You'll discover:

  • The science of how sound and music supports health and well-being.
  • Four different genres of healing music.
  • Powerful ways of using¬†the voice to support healing and release stuck emotional energy.
  • Hands on experience¬†with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, the perfect fifth tuning forks and¬†the¬†Otto forks.
  • and more . . .

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(SW-2xx courses)

Two courses to build your skills: Harmony for Life and Practical Methods for Practitioners

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music

Harmony for Life

the Harmony WheelHarmony for Life is a highly experiential course that offers a deeper understanding, experience and integration of harmony and the student’s ability to work with it in all eight areas of the Sound Wellness Harmony Wheel.

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Practical Methods for Practitioners

This 6-day course focuses on hands on practice, creating protocols and documenting response and results in the following areas: using the voice with a client; Tibetan and crystal singing bowls on and around the body; working with the following tuning forks: the 32 Hz tuning fork, the Harmony Spectrum set, the Planetary Chakra set and the Solfeggio set of tuning forks; Sharry Edwards’ Nano Voice software.

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BONUS COURSE: The Business of Business

business growthIf your practice isn't seeing the financial results you desire, then this 4-day course on business planning is a "Must Attend"!

We start by identifying your perfect customer, your target market, and if you, your market, and your services are in alignment.

Then we look at how you can stand out, and attract new clients, and re-engage past clients.

This course is so important that we gift it to practitioners in our Level II program. Your success is that important to us!

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Level 3: Advanced Methods for Practitioners

(SW-3xx courses)

At least 5 courses required for certification.

You must complete the 3 core courses, plus at least two Specialization courses totalling at least 4 days.

Click each course name for details.

Part 1: 3 Core courses

Part 2: Categories of Specialization: (choose 2 courses)






Programs to Advance Your Business

(SW-9xx courses)

Over the years, we have been asked to provide courses that build your skills outside of the traditional Sound Wellness programs.

These programs are focused on supporting your business, and providing you with tools to further help you to monetize your business.

Note: Because these courses are outside of the realm of working directly with a client, they are not part of our Certification Program. They cannot be used as 'courses of specialization' to be used as part of the certification requirements.



Become a Certified Sound Wellness Practitioner

Why Should I get Certified?

The Sound Wellness Institute holds itself to the highest standards, and we expect no less from those who apprentice with us. Our programs are the only competency-based certifications in the realm of sound healing and sound therapy in Canada, and among only a few in the world.

  • Certification confirms your mastery of critical competencies and recognizes your professional development and growth.
  • Certification demonstrates to your clients that you use industry-respected best practices.
  • The process of achieving and maintaining certification demonstrates that you are continually improving and refining your practice.
  • Certification sets you apart from the competition and helps you gain a competitive edge.
  • Certification establishes you as an expert¬† in your field.

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How Do I Become Certified?

  • Attend the¬†program. Participate fully.
  • Participation in¬†the mentoring calls.
  • Submission of¬†the¬†case studies.
  • Completion of online testing.
  • In-person verification, online or in-person.

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