The 4 Elements of Healing with Sound and Music


The Science of Sound

This module covers an introduction to the science of sound:

  • Definitions of the main elements of sound: frequency, amplitude, resonance, entrainment, and more.
  • How the human being is wired to respond to sound.
  • How sound supports healing.
  • Listening from the Inside Out - a process of expanding how you perceive sound.

We continue to expand your perception and awareness of sound throughout the course. This is an essential skill for the sound practitioner.


Recorded Music 

With millions of choices of recorded music intended to support healing, where do you start? In this segment we cover 4 categories of music created from a clinical perspective:

  • Applied Psychoacoustic Music - this is what we refer to as "engineered music", music designed to create a specific effect, like helping you sleep, or to learn faster.
  • Music with Brainwave Entrainment Frequencies - brainwave entrainment is an effortless way to shift brainwave states. It can bring on deep relaxatrion, stimulate creativity, and more.
  • Music with Subliminal Affirmations - some people fine this a effective way to plant new thought patterns into your brain, effectively bypassing the amygdala - your brain's gatekeeper . 
  • Guided Meditation with Music - this does the same thing as the subliminal affirmations - it just does it differently. The mediations are created for a specific outcome.

The purpose of these segments is to give you personal experience with this music and effective listening recommendations for clients for in-between sessions. 


Sound Tools

Hands on work with the most powerful sound tools, including:

  • Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls
  • Crystal singing bowls
  • The Perfect 5th tuning forks
  • The Otto forks (64 Hz. and 128 Hz.)

Working in groups of 3, A giver (practitioner), a receiver (client) and an observer, you will practice using these amazing sound tools in a safe space.


Using Your Voice

One of the most powerful tools you have to support healing is your voice. We will explore using the voice in the following ways:

  • Directed to the body to stimulate a healing response.
  • Supporting chakra health.
  • Releasing emotional energy. 

The voice skills you develop work well both in-person and online. 

Because these methods work so well on-line, this is an opportunity to make your business truly global!

Important Note: It is not necessary to have a musical background for this module. We use the natural sounds of the body - sounds like ahhhhh, and ohhhh, the sounds that we make every day, with powerful results.