The 8 Spokes of the Harmony Wheel

Sound Wellness Harmony Wheel

Sound Community

A strong community can create a group of active and interested people who not only get to know you better, they’ll also choose you when it comes to individual support:

  • The essential elements for creating a thriving community.
  • Exploring the elements of music with fun and creative musical activities.
  • Ideas and ways to bring sound and/or music into your community.
  • Listening from the Inside Out - a process of expanding how you perceive sound.

Sound Body - Sound Mind

Your wellbeing is supported with healthy lifestyle choices, for example diet and exercise. Your well-being is also supported by healthy energetic systems.

In this module, we'll look at:

  • Supporting chakra health with the Bija Mantras.
  • Finding your Life Song, empowered with the ability to support your health and healing.
  • Learning how to create vocal harmonics, superfood for your nervous system. .

Sound Movement

Continuing to support your body/mind with simple, gentle and powerful movement practices to stimulate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Some of the experiences that this module covers are:

  • Brain Dance.
  • Qi Gong.
  • Nia.
  • Chakra mudras.
  • Movement to release stuck emotional energy.

Sound at Work

Over the years, we have received many requests on how to manage focus, productivity, creativity and intrusive noise at work. This module will give you experience and solutions when clients ask how to manage noise and distractions at work.

We’ll explore:

  • Health challenges that stem from noise in a work environment.
  • Effective solutions, from fighting noise with noise to soundproofing.
  • Experience several noisy environments and sound or musical solutions for creating a more pleasant, and productive work environment. 

Sound Feng Shui

A healthy holistic practice is best served by a clean and clear healing space.

This module looks at:

  • Understanding unwelcome (negative) energy.
  • How to detect unwelcome energy.
  • How to use sound and sound tools to quickly clear your space. This is especially important between client sessions.

Sound Support

Abundance is much more than monetary return for your services. It also includes abundance of health, of friends and in relationships, of wisdom, and much more.

In this module, we'll look at:

  • How to shift the frequency of a challenge to bring clear solutions.
  • Recognizing the enormity of abundance already in your life.
  • The health benefits of a gratitude practice.
  • Practice with the Abundance Mantra to attract more abundance into your life and practice.

Sound Heart

Wholeness and harmony are at home in the heart. Heart coherence is an essential skill for managing life in a chaotic, stressful, and complicated outer world.

In this module, we'll look at:

  • The physical heart
  • Simple ways to create heart-brain coherence
  • Exploring Heart Rate Variability using HeartMath’s biofeedback device, EmWave.
  • Exploring the four dimensions of the heart

Sound Spirit

The combined resonance of your body and field is made up of many frequencies:

  • The frequencies of your atoms and molecules.
  • The frequencies of your nervous system.
  • The frequencies of your body systems.
  • The frequencies of your emotions.
  • The frequencies of your thoughts.
  • The frequencies of your energetic systems – your chakras, meridian systems and field.

All of these frequencies add up to create a resonance or main sound that is you in this moment Your daily resonance or vibration. And it changes all the time with your feelings and your thoughts.

There is one frequency that never changes in the orchestra of sounds and that is the frequency of your soul. From lifetime to lifetime – it is always the same. No one else ever has this sound or frequency. It is yours forever. It is how your guides and angels find you. Like tuning their radio to your frequency to connect directly with you. It is how you connect with experience from your other lifetimes. It is how you connect to the universe, god, goddess or however you express this consciousness. It is your soul’s sound.

In this module, you connect with your soul’s sound and receive a recording of it.