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Sound is food for your nervous system.


Sound Wellness Foundation

Experience for yourself how good sound and super sound nourishes your cells and your soul in this online video program. 


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We live in a noisy and chaotic world!

Sound Wellness® is your roadmap to inner peace. 


  • Manage your stress instead of having it manage you. 
  • Wellness tools that last a lifetime.
  • Sharpen your intuition.
  • Strengthen your inner connection to peace.
  • Give your gift of service to this world from a place of strength.


Begin your journey into sound healing with the powerful tools and practices of the
Sound Wellness® Foundation.

Are You Ready to Stick Your Toe in the Water?

Sound affects you deeply from your atoms to your energetic networks, even if you’re ignoring it. toe in the waterIs it time for you to explore ways to tune your nervous system to the powerful effects of sound (and music) to create wellbeing? If so, here is an opportunity to fill your self-care basket with some effective ways to make your days easier.

The simple truth is that our world has become more stressful than at any time in our past.

Science has now documented that some of the most powerful tools to manage stress are within the realm of sound and music.

The Sound Wellness Foundation is a 3½ hour online video program. Learn at your own pace and in your own time. 

Yes, I'm Ready

What's Included In The Sound Wellness Foundation online video program...

An Introduction to Sound

This is the groundwork for understanding how your nervous system works and for working with sound:

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Recorded Music

 Where do you start when you want to use recorded music to support your wellbeing? And how do you choose? 

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Sound Tools

In this module, you will explore 3 powerful sound tools:

  • Perfect fifth tuning forks
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Crystal singing bowls

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Using Your Voice

Your voice carries every frequency of your body. Your voice also moves every molecule of your body with every sound that you make. 

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I'm Sharon Carne

Sharon CarneI am a best-selling author, international speaker, musician, recording artist, master sound healer, mother, grandmother and evolving elder.

When I was 10 months old, I almost died. For as long as I can remember, there has been an unexpected result of this experience. Every time I look into a person’s eyes, I see the brilliant spark of their being. What breaks my heart, is that so many people don’t even know it is there. A world full of busyness and distraction keeps folks disconnected from this spark. I am passionate about helping people see and connect with this brilliant essence of their deepest sacred self.

My soul work and passion is to help you remember that sound affects every particle of your being. And to support you as you integrate sound work into your practice.  I am honoured to have taught thousands of people how to use sound, as a carrier wave for thought and intention to support well-being in profound ways.

What People are Saying . . .

I discovered the power of sound – how sound connects with our total being, how we can use sound to heal, restore and promote health, and an awareness of the many tools and resources that enrich our lives with sound.

- Lois Tallas

Sound Wellness has unlimited value for stress reduction, overall wellness and personal growth. Sound fills our lives in endless ways. Raising our awareness and options for health and happiness inside the sound in our lives brings great rewards.

- Janice Smylie

Sharon and Ed are perfectly suited to deliver Sound Wellness workshops. They created a perfect balance of theoretical and experiential approach

- Shamir Ladhani


Sound Wellness Foundation

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In fact, you can try the information for up to a FULL YEAR after you purchase, and the offer still stands.

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