Take a moment to ask yourself these three questions:

  • How successful do I consider my business to be?
  • Do I have all the clients that I would like?
  • Am I satisfied with my (financial) results?

If you are happy with your answers, then read no further.

But if you are ready for more, then join us for the:

Sound Wellness
Business of Business

Because we understand.

We understand that most business owners would rather spend their time working IN their business than ON their business.

After all, your passion lies in your gifts, and how your gifts can support your clients.

The simple truth is that very few practitioners spend as much time as they ought to, working on their business. And the results reflect the attention. We believe there are two main reasons this happens:

  1. It’s not your passion.
  2. You don’t know how.

For most, the reason is the latter – when you became a practitioner, it’s unlikely that you received any training in managing the business side of your business.

That’s why we created The Business of Business program.

What You'll Learn . . .

Your Why?

Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you a holistic practitioner? Why are you in business?

More . . .

Your Ideal Client

It is so tempting to market your service to everyone on the planet, for fear of excluding a potential client. However, that's a path to failure.


More . . .

Your Roadmap

It's hard to get to your destination if you don't know where you're going.

You need a plan!

More . . .


How much do you need to make?

How much do you need to charge? How much is too much, or too little?

More . . .

Standing Out

Expand the capacity of your heart and to create a deep heart connection with others.

More . . .

Bring it Together

Find the sound of your soul. For many, this has been the most inspirational segment.

More . . .


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Nice to  Meet You!

I'm Edward Carne

Edward and Sharon CarneTogether, Sharon and I have worked hard to bring Sound Wellness to the forefront of programs in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy.

I am an engineer. I also have a double MBA in Operations Management and in Information Technology. I have spent 30 plus years working in industry defining processes, and making things work better. My gift is that I can see solutions to problems before most people can see that the problem even exists.

In 2010, I gave up my consulting business to help Sharon get the Sound Wellness program going. While Sharon is brilliant at creating the programs, she lacked the technical ability to put everything together. There was a caveat though, before I would get involved. The science had to be real. The information that we have for you, the exercises, the research that has gone into the tools that we share with you, had to be legitimate. That is, it had to be quantifiable, and it had to be repeatable. It did not need to be universal though. Unfortunately, we are all unique individuals, and our response to sound and music is as unique as we are. And here I am.

As our programs began to attract more practitioners, it became apparent that while there are many brilliant practitioners, there was a lack of understanding of how to turn those gifts into a viable business. And because our practitioners have trusted and invested with us, I have chosen to gift this program to those enrolled in our Level II programs. We want you to be successful, so you can continue to make your gifts available to those who need your support.

What People are Saying . . .

I was immediately struck how professional, careful and kind everything that was offered to us. From the space, to material to the content and persentation, EVERYTHING felt powerful and aligned with a Higher Purpose. TRANSFORMATIONAL!

 Kenna Burima

TRUST, TRUST, TRUST! I have it in spades for Sharon and Ed. I don't say this lightly. I feel they have delivered everything they promised and more. I have not regretted one moment spent in their trainings.

Natalie Stuber

Sound is such an amazing tool for healing, but being taught by Ed and Sharon was really special. Thank you for your knowledge and your magic. Looking forward to learning more in the future and how this will assist in my personal healing and professional life.

Nicole Boivin-Englund

NEXT COURSE DATE: December 2-3, 9-10, 2023

By Live-stream only

The Business of Business

Payment Plan

$219/m **

3 monthly payments


Pay In Full

$597 **

One-time payment


**prices are in $CAD, and include GST


Important Note: We know that this program is so important to your success, that we gift it to practitioners who register for Harmony for Life and Practical Methods for Practitioners. When you enrol in those two programs, we will automatically register you for Business of Business. And you are welcome to re-attend as our guest, as often as we run the program.

While this course was created for practitioners, the content is valid for most small businesses. You do not have to be a practitioner to register. If this program calls to you, you are welcome to join us for the fees listed above.


Money-Back GuaranteeWhen you register, attend the entire program, and participate fully, if for whatever reason, you don’t find it to be useful. . . let us know and we’ll refund your tuition!


In fact, you can try the information for up to a FULL YEAR after the program, and the offer still stands.

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